Roulette Online

What is Roulette Online?

Roulette online and other classic roulette casino games like baccarat, blackjack, keno, hi-lo can be played on online platforms. Instead of necessitating interaction with croupiers and other players in real life, the game can be played conveniently from home online. This game’s qualities include that all transactions must be made online, including depositing money for your wager into your gaming wallet, making your wager, and withdrawing your winnings. In contrast to a regular live roulette game, everything in an online roulette casino is done at your own pace.

Various Online Roulette Games

One of the best things about playing free roulette online is that there are so many different games to choose from. Playing online roulette at Casino Online Philippines  in 2022 provides you access to a range of exclusive roulette online types that aren’t available anywhere else, in contrast to the traditional roulette game you’ll find in land casinos.


While some employ fewer numbers on the wheel to increase winning chances, others apply good rules to players. Even if you only rarely play roulette online for free, trying out a few variations to see which one you enjoy playing the most can be beneficial.

European roulette 

European roulette online offers players better odds than other variations, including American roulette Online, because the American wheel features an extra double “0” missing from the European wheel. If European roulette is available online, it is worthwhile to choose it since adding the “00” tile increases the house edge from around 2.65% to 5.3%.

American Roulette 

Because the American wheel has an additional double “0” that the European wheel does not, American roulette and other variations have lower odds than European roulette. With the addition of the “00” tile, the house edge increases from roughly 2.65% to 5.3%; thus, if it’s possible, playing European roulette is worthwhile.

French Roulette

Although there is only one “0” on the wheel in French roulette played online, two significant limitations affect the outcome of bets. La Partage is a term used to describe the fact that you only lose half your money on all outside bets if the ball lands on zero. The “En Prison Rule” in French roulette effectively “puts inside bets in prison” when the ball lands on zero. This means that the bet will remain in place for the subsequent spin.


You are let out of custody if the next spin results in a win. However, you will lose the entire wager if you lose. For a beginner, starting with the simpler European or American roulette online games is best.

Mini Roulette

The mini roulette online wheel is smaller than a standard 0-36 numbered wheel; it only has numbers up to 12, and, like the European version, it only has one “0” square. If the ball lands on “0,” half of each wager’s initial stake is returned. With that exception and the reduced wheel size, bets can be placed similarly to traditional roulette online versions.

Multi Ball Roulette

In multi-ball roulette over the internet, up to 10 balls may play at once. The amount of balls utilized directly affects the odds, and you can select and deselect balls to get a total you like. When playing multi-ball roulette online, the odds are increased because no two balls may land in the same pocket, giving you more chances to anticipate the outcome correctly.

Live Dealer Roulette

With live dealer roulette online, you can experience all the ease and fun of playing without leaving your home while still getting the pleasure and interaction of a genuine croupier. The human dealer will be able to hear you and respond if you speak to them. This is an excellent substitute if you want to play roulette online at home without giving up the social component of going to a real casino. Live dealer roulette online is typically only available for real-money gaming due to the use of live dealers.

Multi Wheel Roulette

Many Wheels Roulette Online betting enables you to put wagers on up to 8 simultaneously spinning wheels. Thanks to each wheel’s autonomous spin and adherence to the European roulette configuration with a single zero, you have several winning chances.

The Best Sites for You to Play Free Roulette Online

Free-play games are an excellent place to start when playing roulette online, even if you have some experience playing at real-world casinos. If you don’t risk your own money or make an initial deposit of real money, you can gamble without losing money. Even if your long-term objective is to move to play roulette online for actual money, getting some practice in with no risk can be beneficial.


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Choosing the Right Bet for You

You may make two types of bets when playing roulette online: inside bets and outside bets.


What is an inside wager?

Internal Bet in Online Roulette

Placing your chips on specific numbers on the roulette grid constitutes an inside wager when playing online roulette. Because you focus on particular numbers rather than, for instance, any red number, the odds of playing roulette online are significantly reduced. Your payout would be more because the risk is higher, but the reward is also higher.


The most common inside bet pays 35:1 in European and American roulette, which is done by putting all of your chips on a single number.

What is an outside wager?

Online Outside Stake Roulette

You can make outside bets by choosing options that are not on the numbered roulette grid. These bets increase your odds of winning, but the reward is less than it would be with an inside wager.


You can choose from 1-18 or 19-36 or bet on a group of numbers, such as the first 12, second 12, or third 12. You also have the choice of betting solely on black or only on red, only on odd or only on even numbers.


To pick your favorite, try a few combinations while remembering that you are simply having fun because you are playing online roulette for free.

FAQs for online roulette

How can I play roulette for free online?

Essentially, playing free roulette online entails making fictional wagers on places of the wheel that you believe would yield favorable results. The revolution that the computer dealer spins contains a tiny ball that stops on the winning number. Click on the chosen roulette online board number to begin betting. You win if the ball lands on your number or a range that it falls within.

How do free roulette games work on the internet?

Free roulette games online work similarly to their real money equivalents. The dealer is replaced by a random number generator in the game software, which decides where the ball lands each time. The other contrast is the absence of winning or losing actual money. Every win or loss in online roulette is for token money with no intrinsic value, so you can keep playing for free without worrying about your bank account.

What do you win in free-play roulette games online when you hit a particular number?

While playing in free-play mode, you are ineligible to win any real money when playing roulette online. In your play money bankroll, you will get 35 times your initial bet if you accurately guess the number on a single number bet. It is a significant win and an excellent method to discover for free, fair odds and rewards before putting any money on the line.

Is free online roulette rigged?

No, the winning combinations are consistently entirely random. If you keep winning at free online roulette games, you might be worried that the casino is encouraging you to have a false sense of security (before betting real money). But this is not the case. Both the casinos we recommend and the online roulette games we offer are unbiased.

What is bet on roulette online advised?

Your best bet when playing roulette online would be on a European roulette wheel with the En Prison rule, which reduces the house edge to just 1.35%. The outcomes you want to get might impact your preferred roulette online bet. If you like the idea of smaller, more frequent wins, you should place outside bets on odd or even and black or red. If the thrill of a greater, more impressive virtual victory appeals to you, it is advisable to place inside bets on specific numbers.

Can you win at roulette online?

It is impossible to consistently win at roulette online because of the single and double zeros on the roulette wheel, which gives the game a house edge. However, since the house edge isn’t as heavily skewed in the casino’s favor, it’s possible to win at roulette online in the short term, such as during a single playing session.

What is a profitable approach for playing roulette online?

Although there isn’t an online roulette method that will guarantee you’ll win, you can lessen the amount you stand to lose. Choosing a European roulette table over an American one is a bright place to start because it does away with the double zero, cutting the house edge in half.